Da Annita is located in one of the most evocative places of the Tuscan countryside, Le Crete. In addition to that, the Hotspring "San Giovanni"are within a walking distance. The palace Coligiordo, a tipical tuscan manor dating back to the thirties, was turned into the B&B Da Annita, the Swimmers’ Guesthouse in 2010. It is named after Annita Torricelli, the owner’s grandmother who, after WW2, decided to start offering accomodation to people who were interested in spending some time at the hotspring. At the time those guests were called ‘swimmers’ and it was said that they ‘passed the waters’ and benefitted from other kind of treatments offered by the Spa which belonged to the Morselli and Ferri families.

Luca, Annita’s grandson, will guide you through the choice of one of the ten rooms where the authentic liberty style of the floors will bring you back in time.

In every room the light is made sweeter by the soft romantic colours of the walls and the choice of furniture. Rest assured that in such environment you will sleep tight and you will enjoy all the benefitsthat only a family run business can offer.

Each room offers all comforts to help you relx and enjoy your stay, from air conditioning to free WiFi. You can also enjoy a very peaceful and shaded garden where you can read, listen to some music, sip some wine and cool off after a typically hot summer day in Italy.

The silence, which is only ocasionally interrupted by birds singing or frogs croaking will help you fall asleep and…dream!

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